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Presentation Window

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Presenting from a computer on a projector or screen is a rudimentary and ungracefully designed experience. Fullscreen presentations can take over your computer, brick it in a presentation mode that exposes every action and makes it unusable for much else. Quickly looking for a video to share exposes your desktop and makes for a cumbersome dramaturgy. What would be needed is an environment that supports improvisational performances while giving you more control over what and how you share your contents.

Presentation window is like a VJ suite or video mixer for desktop presentations. It is a window on your desktop that serves as a virtual presentation space, whose content is send in full resolution to the connected projector or screen. You can make presentations and other apps run in fullscreen in that window to share it in a familiar way. You can also just drop images and other media files to quickly present them without exposing your file system. You can write text in the window to easily share a link, reference or anything without having to prepare a slide for it. You could set up various sources like software windows, files, or websites to switch between them in the mixer.

Updated: 07/06/2020
Created: 14/01/2020